Our Bohl Family Genealogy

We have been collecting information on the origins of our Bohl family line over a number of years.  We know that three Bohl brothers, Ferdinand G.Bohl, Carl Friedrich Bohl and Johann Christoph Bohl, from Schoenehr, Kreis Laurenburg, Pommern, Prussia separately made their way to Gasconade County Missouri in the 1850s.  Johann Christoph Bohl, our direct Bohl ancestor, homesteaded a farm near Hermann, Missouri in a village named Stolpe. 

To the best of our knowledge, the information in the following descendant chart is accurate and it shows that George Bohl, likely born in Kreis Laurenburg, Hinterpommern, Prussia, is our direct Bohl ancestor.  We would love to compare notes and hopefully gain more data from anyone doing research on this family line.  We are especially interested in learning about the family lines of the siblings of the three brothers that that stayed in Pommern - see the detailed tree.  We expect that their descendants were likely expelled to East or West Germany at the end of WWII.


Gustav and Hulda Bohl
(my Great Grandfather)

SS Hermann

Johann Christoph Bohl, his wife Anna, and their children left Schoenehr, Pommern,Prussia and then traveled on the SS Hermann from Bremerhaven, Germany to New Orleans, USA.  They arrived October 24, 1856.  They then made their way to Hermann, Missouri.  Johann was my Great Great Grandfather.

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Surnames of interest to us include:

Surname Location Ref Name Birth Date
Bohl Schoenehr, Kreis Laurenburg, Pommern George (?) estimated 1750
Schuetz Schozach, Germany Ludwig Heinrich January 23, 1783
Golter close to Schozach, Germany (?) Marie Catherine May 20, 1785
Labuda Schoenehr, Kreis Laurenburg, Pommern Constancia estimated 1750
Bohl Schoenehr, Kreis Laurenburg, Pommern Johann Friedrich Gottfried September 06, 1776
Beyer Schoenehr, Kreis Laurenburg, Pommern Constantia Florentina March 06, 1779
Kramp Germany and later Hermann, Missouri Ernstine August 10, 1831
Mach Schoenehr, Kreis Laurenburg, Pommern Friedrich March 21, 1794
Goettle Flein, Germany Louise March 31, 1816
Loehnig Dorbitz, Germany Johann Wilhelm Ernst von May 13, 1826
Linge close to Dornitz, Germany (?) Johanna Christina Friedericke estimated 1826
Loehnig Meissen, Germany Ernst Richard 1858
Schweerkoetting Loxton Nr. 19, Versmold, Westfalen Johann Peter estimated 1773
Feil Neulautern, Wurttemberg, Germany Charles Jacob November 27, 1832
Grebe close to Neulautern, Wurttemberg, Germany (?) Augusta H. August 02, 1878
Ronneberger Saxony, Germany Amalia September 23, 1832
Hoppe Pommern, Germany (near Brealau) Carl Martin November 11, 1830
Wolter Germany Henerttia March 11, 1831
KoernerRemsen, Iowa, USACharles Christian1903
KaiserGermanyHenryestimated 1853
LeifermanMankato, Minnesota, USAKatherine1870
ClarkCounty Cavan, IrelandOwen1832
KohnerSunica, SD, USAAnna MaryFebruary 22, 1892
O'TooleDublin, IrelandAgnes1553
Loeffler close to Flein, Germany (?) Friedrike September 24, 1835

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