I bought my first two holdfasts from a nearby blacksmith back when I lived in northern Alabama.  I described what I wanted and then watched him make my holdfasts.  He impressed me with his skills and that was when I first set my mind on learning to blacksmith.  Plus, the holdfasts worked very well and I have made great use of them over the years with my woodworking.  So, the standard holdfasts that I make are patterned after those original holdfasts from the Alabama blacksmith although I've made a few tweaks to the design and processing.  Unfortunately I do not remember the original maker's name.  Holdfasts can also work in an anvil's pritchel hole as a blacksmithing aid.  Here is an example.  An alternate style of holdfast that has an upset corner is shown at this link (Upset Corner).  Holdfasts are sometimes referred to as bench hold-downs.

How do holdfasts work?  Here is a Holdfast Analysis

Follow this link for my approach on how to make holdfasts.

I have holdfasts for sale.  Please see my Items For Sale page if interested.

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