Holdfasts - Type 2

In work is an alternate holdfast configuration having a ninety degree upset corner instead of the smooth radius that is seen with the original configuration.  The inspiration for this design came from watching Peter Ross forge a similar style holdfast on an episode of the Woodwright's Shop.  The advantage of this design is that the hammer blow used to set the holdfast is directed in line with the holdfast shaft.  Also the hammer strikes upon a flat face instead of round surface.  Testing followed with use in my shop have shown that these holdfasts work very well in providing positive clamping and easy release of the work piece.  The holdfasts continue to be worked from a roughly 20 inch long, 3/4" round mild steel bar.  They are intended to be used in 3/4" diameter holes.   Work continues in development of the forging process steps in order to improve repeatability and aesthetics.  The forging steps involved with these holdfasts are more labor intensive than with the original design.   

The above image shows a holdfast that is in work next to a completed holdfast.

Someday I expect to begin producing these holdfasts to sell, but, due to constraints on my time it could be a while.  Watch for them to show up on my Items For Sale page if interested.  Feel free to contact me about them.

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