Plane Parts For Sale

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Stanley #1 Blade
Stanley #1 Blade
Stanley #2 Blade
2BladeR&L (rare)
Stanley #2 Chip Breaker.  Has surface discoloration/corrosion

Stanley #2 SW (Sweet Heart) Blade.  Minor cutting edge chipping and some surface discoloration.$30.00
Stanley #2 1892 date blade. Logo stamp is quite weak or mostly worn away.  Minor cutting edge chipping.$25.00
1.5" #46 Blade
No Markings
Scraper Blade
1.97" Wide
181-191 Blade
1.25" (1.265")
Has old price tag
 (7 11 57?)
Gage Plane Blade
1.73" Wide with some surface scratches and corrosion
Gage Tool Co
Vineland N.J.
Miller's Patent Plane Blade Clamp.  Needs good cleanup.$20.00
Bedrock Frog - I'm Not sure if it came off a 603 or a K3. Should clean up nice.SOLD

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