Woodworking Shop

Shown is my old shop area in the basement of our previous house in Colorado where I did my woodworking projects using traditional techniques and tools.  I'm still not set up very well in our new house.  The workbench is set up in the garage while all the tool cabinets are in a spare bedrooom in the house.  My plan is to build a detached workshop behind the garage.

I use mainly old/antique tools but also make use of various new hand tools such as paring and mortising chisels, files, cabinet rasps and well made saws and planes.  Here are a few images showing my work area and tool storage.

My woodworking shop area.  The interlocking mat flooring was added to help the feet and protect dropped tools.  Info on the workbench including construction details can be found via this link.
The in-work project is a door for the saw cabinet on the far wall.

This was an old cabinet of some sort that I added some shelves to for tool storage.   Think that I paid $30 for it.

Here is a saw cabinet or saw till that I store my main user saws in.  
I store tools like chisels and gouges in the tool chest below the saw cabinet.  I recently finally made the cabinet door and installed it.  There are a few additional views of the saw cabinet at this link.

And some old shelves that I found at a garage sale.

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