My Woodworking Workbench

Except for the vises and the use of dimensional lumber for the base, construction of this workbench was all performed with hand tools.  The top is solid oak and the base is spruce.  I've mounted two Record vises for work holding.  There are 3/4 inch dog holes in the top and in the rear legs that I also use for holdfasts.  The workbench design allows me to breakdown it down to get it out of the basement.  Although wood glue was used, the fasteners holding the wood covers to the vises and the vises to the bench are the only ones used in constructing the workbench.  There are links below to construction images.

Here is an image showing the larger side vise.

And, here is a closeup of the wedged tenons that connect the leg trusses to the stringers.


Workbench set up for jointing

Construction images are provided in the on the following pages:

Part1, Understructure

Part2, Workbench Top


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